Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seema Chaudhary singing 'Aaj Jane Ki Jid Na Karo'

Proud of my students!! Seema is a busy career woman and a mom. It is wonderful to see her finding time for music and accomplish a vocal presentation in front of the camera!! The song is originally sung by legendary Farida Khanun and the poet is Fayyaz Hashmi.

Seema heads Herbinger Group's US head office. She also serves on City of Redmond Arts Commission and pursues her passion for arts thru various channels in the business and the community.

Teaching Indian Music in USA

Most of my sitar students are children, born and being brought up in America. They came with their parents when they were very young. They had never heard sitar before or had no clue about Sa Re Ga Ma. Actually most of the parents hadn't heard me play sitar or sing before they trusted me to teach their children! Thank you friends!

When these children picked up sitar for the very first time they didn't realize how difficult this instrument is or how rare it is to play Indian Classical Music in today's pop World.

They enjoyed playing it to the point that later they stopped their piano lessons and gave that time to sitar!! Thank you my young friends!!