Brief History of Indian Classical Music (Hindustani Sangeet)

We are making an attempt to summarize the history of Indian Classical Music (ICM). We will begin with the time-line, giving us different musical periods of ICM, then go in details with the development of musical concepts and other musical literature in that era.
Hindustani Sangeet Time-Line
2500-1500 BC Indus Valley Civilization
1500-500 BC Vedic Period
500-100 BC Buddhist, Jain, Mouryan period
100 BC- AD 300 Invasions and Upheavals
AD 300-600 Gupta Period
AD 600-1200 Medieval Dynasties
AD 1200-1500 Delhi Sultanate
AD 1500-1700 Mughal Period
1700 onward Modern Period

Following are the literature works in music that were created in that era :

2500-1500 BC Indus Civilization
-Mohenjodaro statues
1500-500 BC Vedic Period
-RigVeda, SaamVeda, YajurVeda, AtharvaVeda
-Naradiya Shiksha
500-100 BD Buddhist, Jain, Mouryan period
-Bharata’s Natyashastra
-Gandharva (concept)
100 BC- AD 300 Invasions and Upheavals
-Brihaddeshi by Matang
-Deshi, Margi, Jati (types of music)
-Raga mentioned for the first time in music history
AD 300-600 Gupta Period
-Bharatabhashya by Nanyadeva
-definition of swara, rasa-swara equations were created
-ghoshak veena (instrument)
AD 600-1200 Medieval Dynasties
-Sangeetratnakar  by Sharandeva 1247
-Sangitsaar by Parsvadeva 1250
-Sangitsudhakar by Raja Haripaladeva 1248
-Sangitraja by Rana Kumbha 1456
-Sangitdamodar by Shubhankara

AD 1500-1700 Mughal Period
-Ragamala by Pundarik Viththal 1556-1605
-Ragavibodh 1610
-Chaturdandiprakashika 1620 by Venkatmakhi
-Sangitparijat by Ahobal 1650
-Ragtarangini by Lochana 1675
-Ragadarpan : translation of Mankutuhal by Raja Mansingh of Gwaior
1700 onwards Modern Period
Tohfat-ul-Hind by Mirza Khan 1709
Risala-e-Zikra-eMughennian-e Hindustan by Inayat Khan 1702
Nidrat-e-shahi by Shah Alam II 1728-1806
Usulun-Nighmat-e-Asifi by Ghulam Reza Bin Mohammad Panah 1813

Bani by Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh 1877

We will discuss the Vedic Period in next Page of the blog.


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